MEISEI & COMPANY,LTD., was founded in 1934 as a trading company specializing in raw materials for chemical products. Our ability to consistently provide information on new materials and technologies has helped us grow together with our business partners for nearly eighty-two years.

At the dawn of the twenty-first century, the world economy underwent considerable changes. The global economic crisis precipitated by the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy spurred the de-globalization of finance while emerging economies including South East Asia and the BRIC countries in particular rose as industrialized nations floundered. Against this background, we steadily expanded our range of commodities from our original mainstay of raw materials for chemical products to include synthetic resins, electronic materials, and components for household electronics among others. Through this, we hope to consistently contribute to the growth of our customers as a business solutions provider.

In March 2005, MEISEI & COMPANY,LTD., embarked on a fresh start as a member of the TCS Holdings Group. With the recent transformation of the business environment, to better serve the needs of our customers, we have undertaken several concrete initiatives as part of our efforts to develop new commodities, making great inroads into the field of environmentally friendly products while also expanding our coverage of materials used in the solar power and water purification industries as we continue to expand our conventional product lines.

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all our business partners and stakeholders.


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