For our electronics-related products, we are expanding proposal-based sales that works jointly on next-generation products by consistently acquiring and supply the latest information on IT-related fields.
Also, as a trading company specialized in chemicals, we want to make use of the skills we have cultivated to continue contributing to the electronics industries.
In the future we will promptly respond to the dramatic innovations of the electronics industry and to the needs of the time, and we would like to contribute to industry and to the realization of an affluent life for people.

Advanced Earth-Conscious Technologies

Future electronics require technology with such added values as environmental friendliness.
MEISEI supplies products which meet this requirement.

Semi-Conductor / Electronic Component-Related Products

Demand characteristics are advancing in semi-conductor and electronic component materials. In addition to conventional materials, we provide new products for these times using
cutting-edge materials.

Semi-Conductor / Electronic Component-Related Products Image
  • Encapsulants for semiconductors/
    electronic components
  • Ultra-high purity organic materials
    for compound semiconductors
  • Embossed carrier tape

MEISEI contributes to society in areas of which people are unaware.

With regard to sealants such as ceramics and resins used for various kinds of semiconductor packages, the patterns of packaging are becoming more diversified and their required properties more sophisticated. In addition to conventional ones, MEISEI offers the most advanced and state-of-the-art material to meet the nees of this age.

Coating Film-Related Products

We deliver various coating films,insulator, adhesive, specially-treated, to meet varied needs.
They are broadly employed in electronic component manufacturing applications and optical applications.

Coating Film-Related Products Images
  • Detachable coating films/adhesive coating films/AR films(Rolls, cut film)

MEISEI provides the total support to respond to a fast-moving market.

MEISEI ensures just-in-time delivery of electronic materials which keep abreast of fast-evolving technologies. We also offer various types of processing for printed boards.

Printed Circuit Board-Related Products

We rapidly respond to constantly advancing electronic materials and always changing materials and technologies, and we will establish a just-in-time supply of electronic materials.
We also perform various types of processing for printed circuit boards.

Printed Circuit Board-Related Products Image
  • Printed circuit materials: A variety of single-sided to multi-layered printed circuit materials
  • Printed circuit boards: From single-sided to high layers (supporting various applications) <Japanese/foreign manufacturers>
  • Print circuit board subsidiary materials: Copper foil, dry film, antifoaming agents, alkaline detergents, cushion paper
  • Flexible printed circuit board materials: two-layer materials, three-layer materials, resist
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