We handle many functional products including dyeing and finishing agents, our founding business started in 1934, molded products like films, and materials related to metallic fibers.
And recently as environmental issues become more prominent, we have launched products to answer those issues.
In rapidly changing times, market needs also change by the minute, calling for a rapid response.
At Meisei, we will naturally keep pace so that we can contribute to the development of industries in various fields.

Blazing trails with the experience and knowledge only
a specialized trading company can provide

Metallic fiber products expanding widely into fine chemicals, the semiconductor industry, and medicine. Functional adhesives with many functions in broad application fields. We also handle products with special technologies such as flame retardants and recycling as non-polluting, environment conserving products.

Developed Products

Demands in raw materials and properties forces the necessity to respond flexibly without being bound to a category of business.In order to meet the high level of need for materials used in various fields, we are constantly facing new challenges.

Developed Products Images
  • Thermal expansive graphite flame retardants
  • Sound absorbing materials
  • Processing by commission

MEISEI responds to advanced technological needs in step with the times.

While the demand for paper as a communication medium is growing and requests to enhance its quality are increasing, MEISEI always supplies products that satisfy our customers in both quality and cost, taking full advantage of our domestic and overseas sales networks.

Paper/Pulp Field

Making full use of our domestic and overseas networks, we provide products that satisfy in both quality and cost.

Paper/Pulp Field Image
  • Pigments for paper
  • Paper industry chemicals (sizing agents for paper, paper strength additives, others)vivv/
  • Bulk increasing additives for cardboard

MEISEI creates new values from past results.

MEISEI is proud of its considerable experience and solid performance in the field of dyestuff since its corporate foundation, through which we introduce new values by utilization of our knowledge and applied skills.

Dyes/Auxiliary Agents Field

We are focusing our energy into the development of coloring material-related products, centered around textile dyes and auxiliary agents where we have experience and a track record since our establishment, and highly functional finishing agents.From Meisei's knowledge, we propose new value in these fields such as cool sensation and warm sensation processing.

Dyes/Auxiliary Agents Field Image
  • Dyes, pigments (disperse, reactive, acid, chrome, others)
  • Dyeing auxiliaries (refined bleaching, penetrating, leveling, enzymes)
  • Highly functional finishing agents(skin-care, cool sensation, warm sensation, etc.)

MEISEI supports tomorrow's technology.

MEISEI makes new proposals with its unique products to meet every customer's requirements, especially in industrial materials, which often need highly specialized technology.

Functional Materials Field

In this field at Meisei, we have been providing a steady supply of raw materials used in the carpet manufacturing process.In recent years, stainless steel fiber products and shape-memory alloys, which we have focused on for the past thirty years, have become essential materials for current industries, and their varied applications are being anticipated.We provide products that meet the needs of the times and various businesses.

Functional Materials Field Image
  • NASLON (stainless steel fiber product)
  • REMEMBALLOY (shape-memory alloy/super-elastic alloy)
  • Materials for fiber material (carpet, nonwoven fabric) production processes
  • Hot melt sheets

MEISEI supports advanced precision material technology.

Electronic products require perfect precision in all stages in their manufacturing process. MEISEI provides finely tuned solutions to satisfy every detail of such requirements. In the field of industrial materials, we make full use of our information networks to seek new materials to enable us to offer a wide range of proposals to our customers.

Electronic/ Industrial Materials Fields

For electronic materials, we provide products essential to manufacturing processes such as PET films and additives used during encapsulation.
For industrial materials, we handle various paints and raw materials for residences and industrial adhesives that excel in environmental-friendliness and versatility.
We are constantly working to face new challenges in supplying the raw materials and materials equired in the manufacturing processes of these industries.

Electronic/ Industrial Materials Fields Image
  • PET films
  • Binders for ceramics
  • Various adhesives
  • Various raw materials for paint
  • Synthetic resins
  • Resin additives
  • Extruders/injection molding machines, urethane foaming machines
  • Business Outline
  • Chemical Products
  • Electoronic Materials
  • Functional Products
  • International Sales
  • Photovoltaic Materials
  • Aller-G Sales Division